Why should I use a professional Property Manager?

Property Management isn’t for everyone but for those who want to have the security of an investment without having to deal with the ups and downs of tenancies then professional Property Management is for you! Remember that  Property Management it is a tax deductible expense whilst your time is not.

How does using a professional Property Manager add value to me rather than cost money?

Cost can be a factor in owners not wishing to use the services of a professional Property Manager – however there are also advantages.

It puts a third party between you and your tenant. Your Property Manager will be objective and will remove the emotion from any situation.

It frees up your time and can alleviate the stress associated with tenant issue.

As Property Managers, we are well versed on the Tenancy Act and relevant changes in legislation and court rulings.

We are available 24/7 to deal with any issues that may arise during tenancy.

We will show you how to offset any costs associated with Property Management.

As a certified Property Manager we have access to additional insurance policies covering damage, rent arrears and methamphetamine contamination. In addition there is Building cover which  increases cover over rent arrears, damage and the like.

Call Seek n Find to discuss this additional landlord cover.

Remember, our costs are tax deductible – your time and effort isn’t!

How often does a professional Property Manager do inspections?

Seek n Finds policy requires several property inspections, the first is at tenant entry. The 2nd is 1 month after commencement of tenancy. This provides us with a good indication of how the tenants is looking after your property.

Proving all is as it should be – then it is regular 3 monthly inspections. This allows us to build not just a relationship with your tenant, but a two-way trust factor.

It also puts us in a positions to keep abreast of any maintenance issues.

We provide photographs and a detailed written report to you after each inspection.

Seek n Find suggests you check with your insurance provider to ascertain what your  policy may require regarding inspections, meth testing.

For additional landlord insurance please contact Seek n Find to discuss.

Do I get a say in choosing my tenant?

Some owners are comfortable with having their Property Manager handle all aspects of the tenancy, after all that’s what we are here for!  But others like to have some input.

Seek n Find adheres to a very comprehensive tenant selection process, and we will work with you to your desired level of input.

How often will I hear from you?

  •  Following the 1 month inspection, complete with a report and photos (using IPAD format)
  •  Following each 3 monthly inspection, and, with a report and photos
  •  A statement is issued monthly. This shows rent and any expenses
  •  If tenant gives notice to vacate.