REAL Landlord Insurance

REAL Landlord Insurance


Have you got the right cover for your property?

REAL is proud to be offering a comprehensive Landlord Protection policy designed to offer a double layer of protection alongside the professional property management services of SEEK N FIND.

Two Policies available;

  1.  Real Landlord Preferred Policy  for Residential Dwellings
    This policy is available for residential tenancies
  2.  BUILDING INSURANCE as a ‘combo’ with the ‘Preferred’ Policy above, BUT with SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGES
    REAL’s “Landlord Preferred Policy” is a specialist insurance product

that provides EXCEPTIONAL cover for:

  • Loss of Rents
  • Landlords Contents Left at the property for the tenants use
  • Intentional damage, including Unlawful Substances
  • Landlords Legal Liability

Some Important Benefits with REAL Landlord Insurance are;

  • Yes we will only deduct one excess if it is deemed to be one event (example – exit inspection tenant has done damage to say 3 rooms – only ONE excess)
  • Yes we allow the landlord to retain the bond from loss of rents claims only for the purpose of re-letting the property.
  • Bailiff Costs – up to $300 per claim
  • Change of Locks – up to $300 per claim ($500 Limit for Multiple Tenancies Policy)
  • Removal of Rubbish – up to $200 per claim
  • Pet Damage – $2,000 (Cat or Dog noted on the tenancy agreement)

Illegal Substances protection

We will provide cover for accidental loss as a result of the manufacture, storage or distribution of any controlled drug as defined in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, up to

  • $25,000 (or higher limit if elected) for illegal substance contamination damage plus up to $5,000 for testing costs relating to the current claim only, when  illegal substance contamination testing has been carried out prior to each tenancy commencing and you provide to us copies of all the test results if we ask for them or;
  • $10,000 for illegal substance contamination damage, when no illegal substance contamination testing has been carried out.

Our Landlord Policies are designed to compliment standard building insurance (it does not replace it) so you will need to retain your building insurance, or REAL can provide you with a quotation for your Building/Dwelling Insurance.  If you elect our Building Dwelling Policy, you will have cover for up to $25,000 for Contamination (subject to policy conditions) combined with one of our landlord policies you can potentially have up to $60,000 of cover for contamination.