Tenant Information

Tenant Information

We have provided some more tenant information that may interest you.

Managing your tenancy agreement is a straight forward and simple process, accordingly we have developed a guide which we feel sure will assist you to settle comfortably into your new home and ensure a trouble free tenancy.

Applying for a Property

If you wish to apply for a property you will need to fully complete the application form along with Photo ID – drivers licence, birth certificate, passport, or some other form of ID.


A detailed inspection will be done prior to you moving in and this report will be given to you.

You will have 7 days in which to make any amendments and return to Seek n Find.

Rental Payments

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legal binding document under the Residential Tenancies Act and terms and conditions will be explained to you prior to signing.

Your rent is payable on or before the due date.

It must be kept a minimum of 1 week in advance and is required to be set up as an Automatic Payment.

Rental Bond

Your rental bond will be lodged with the Department of Building and Housing.

We require 4 weeks bond on all properties.

The bond is held as security against any damage or undue wear and tear. The bond will be refunded promptly after you vacate, provided the property is left in the same condition as when your tenancy began (allowing for fair wear and tear) and there are no other monies outstanding.

Periodic Inspections

During the course of your tenancy Seek n Find Ltd will complete an initial inspection after 1 month  thereafter a written notice will be issued  every 3 months advising of an upcoming  inspection as per the Residential Tenancy Act 1986.

You must allow reasonable access for inspections.


A duplicate key to all properties is retained by Seek n Find Ltd for emergency access. Should you lose your keys we can have them replaced however the cost would be debited to you.

Locks may only be changed with the permission of Seek n Find Ltd or the Landlord, and then on the strict understanding that you supply Seek n Find Ltd with a spare set of keys.
Remember, it is in your best interest to ensure that we have access to your property.


We strongly urge tenants to insure their personal property against any loss, damage or theft. The landlord has no obligation to insure your personal belongings. Seek n Find Ltd can help you to arrange insurance if you required, if for example a door is damaged you will be responsible for this as the tenant.

What utilities do I have to pay for

You must pay for:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water usage.
  • TV aerial installation (if one is not installed)
  • Telephone/Broadband

N.B. The power must never be disconnected by the tenant at end of tenancy.

What notice do I have to give when vacating the property?

If you are on a “periodic” tenancy you are required to give a minimum of 21 days.This notice is taken from the time we receive it in writing.. If you are on a “fixed” term and do not wish to renew the lease you are required to give notice as above.

If you do not intend to vacate at the end of your fixed term tenancy and you wish to remain at the Property the term will automatically “roll over” to a periodic lease whereby a minimum of 21 day’s notice is required to vacate. If you are given a 90 day notice to vacate, and wish to do so before the 90 day expiry the same 21 day rule applies.

The property will be advertised as soon as your notice is received and it is likely we will have interested parties wanting to view the property and we would appreciate your cooperation in allowing them viewing times.


Some landlords will allow pets, and on the approval of animals it is the tenant’s responsibility to commercially clean and flea treat the carpets throughout the home at the end of tenancy. If you have a dog it must be registered and must not be a nuisance to neighbours.

Methamphetamine Testing

In most instances the property will have been tested prior to commencement of your tenancy.

If so then the property will be tested at end of tenancy and bond refund will be held until the results are received – usually 7 days.